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Earn money by introducing friends and colleagues to our great service

We are always keen to speak with talented doctors. If your friends and colleagues could benefit from our great service, complete the form below and one of our specialist consultants will contact them to discuss their requirements.

When we place the person you've recommended you will earn 50p for every hour they work. There is no limit to the amount of doctors you can recommend or how many hours they can work – the more doctors you recommend, the more you earn.

Potential Earnings

Recommended Doctors Collective Weekly Hours Sold Earnings per Week Earnings per Month Earnings per Year
10 doctors 360 £180 £780 £9,360
20 doctors 360 £360 £1,560 £18,720

For further details, please contact 020 7456 1470 or email

* Click here to view the terms and conditions, also available on request

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