Recommend a friend to earn more rewards

We’re always keen to speak with talented candidates - whether they’re looking for locum or permanent roles. If you know any friends or colleagues who could benefit from our great service, complete the form below and one of our specialist consultants will contact them to discuss their requirements.

Please remember that you must have the recomendee’s permission before sending their details across to us. It’s important that all recommendees must have given their consent before being recommended to us.

Locum referrals

Through our locum scheme you can earn an uncapped bonus of 50p for every hour your friend or colleague works through us. Whether you refer a GP or nurse practitioner, your locum bonus remains the same. There’s no limit to the number of friends you can recommend or how many hours they can work which means the more friends you recommend, the more uncapped earning potential you can gain.

Recommended candidates Weekly hours worked Earnings per week Earnings per month Earnings per year
1 candidate 40 £20 £87 £1,040
10 candidates 400 £200 £870 £10,400

Permanent referrals

We also provide a referral scheme specifically for permanent recommendations. If you introduce us to a friend and we place them into a permanent role, you could receive up to £500 as our way of saying ‘thank you’.

The table below explains how the scheme works. All permanent referral fees will be paid once the candidate has passed their probation period.

Type of role Bonus
Advanced Nurse Practitioner £250
General Practitioner £500

Before you recommend your friend, you must obtain their permission to provide their personal information to us. We will tell your friend that you have recommended them to us, when we contact them.

*View the terms and conditions here